A Wayfarer's Tale

You know that fluttering feeling in your chest when finally decide to acknowledge something good that has been in your heart all along? It's the feeling that makes you jump, makes you smile, makes you feel like giving someone a hug. I'm notorious for putting off declarations of love and happiness. I pretended not to date my husband for a year before I admitted that I had been falling in love with him since our first date. An insatiable wanderlust sent us traveling, until we realized that we belonged to Austin. The day we decided to move back made me feel like my heart was full of helium that could just float me home.

Realizing that my whole life had been preparing me to create specialty calligraphy was the same way. I ignored the itch, I stamped my feet, I tried distracting myself with a corporate job. And then something funny happened. It was a small moment. I knew I'd never remember, so I wrote it in my calendar. It was on October 10th, 2012. I realized that "it" had happened. I found myself in the midst of a quickly-growing career in calligraphy. I wasn't surprised, just startled. I had always opted for art class rather than other electives in my entire K-12 and I studied Drawing at the College of Fine Arts & Communication at Texas State University. I asked for a calligraphy kit when I was young, and had an intense fascination with bottled inks from Levenger. My parents encouraged me, giving me a kit and buying the inks, signing me up for pre-college art classes at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. But, it hadn't clicked until I met modern calligraphy. And then one day, the fluttering feeling appeared. 

-Alison Rebecca Martin